View pool consumption

View allocated pools

The Metrics Allocations Pools page displays existing metrics pools, the persisted writes quota allocated to each pool, and the amount of persisted writes quota consumed by each pool.

Teams can use this information to understand which pools are consuming quota and how much, which pools are at risk of being limited, and how each pool has prioritized its traffic to ensure that only lower priority data drops if the system exceeds its limit while a pool is over its quota.

To review your pool allocation data, in the navigation menu select Managing > Metrics Allocations.

The Pools tab supplies pool allocation and limit information.

Use the Search box to find a specific pool.

Use the Sort by menu to change the display order. A summary of All Pools always display at the top of the list.

  • Quota consumption: high to low
  • Quota consumption: low to high
  • Name: ascending
  • Name: descending

Select a Time Range to display.

  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 14 Days
  • Last 30 Days

Select a pool name to view data specific to that pool. The Default Pool is the pool all otherwise unassigned metrics go into. The New in default pool card is a list of the most recently added services that don't fall into configured pools. A new service may belong in the Default Pool. For example, the new service is a metric for a temporary environment. A longer term service may need to be added to another named pool for long-term quota management.

Hover over any sparkline chart to display a dialog with data specific to that day and time. Click the dialog to pin it.

Understand quota consumption

Review quota consumption for all of your pools, or inspect details for a specific pool.

All pools

When viewing All Pools, you can see system-wide persisted writes quota consumption and the pools consuming the highest percentage of their assigned quotas.

  • Overall persistent limit quota consumption

    A graph of the change over time in the overall consumption of quota, as a percentage of total quota.

  • Overall limit and consumption by pool

    A stacked-area sparkline chart of which individual pools are consuming how much quota. Use this to compare pools and better understand which of them are taking the most resources. Hold the pointer over the chart to view the number of data points contributed by each pool at that time.

  • Quota consumption by pool

    Graphs detailing the assigned limits and current consumption of that limit for each pool. If one of your pools exceeds its limit, but the overall quota consumption is still 100%, the pool exceeding the limit continues to collect data normally. Hold the pointer over a graph to see incoming data points and the quota limit.

    When the system exceeds the persisted writes limit, Chronosphere enforces the limit by dropping data from pools over their quota.

Select a pool

Click a pool name to view data specific to that pool. If the select pool is over limit, a Needs attention card displays to the side, with suggested steps to reduce persisted data.

  • Traffic by service

    Use this graph to determine which services configured in this pool generate the most traffic.

  • Traffic Priority

    Traffic priority displays in a box chart which shows which priorities have the most traffic, based on priority definitions.