Troubleshooting and monitoring


Calyptia provides a Calyptia Core Agent DaemonSet and deployment to send all logs and metrics to configurable end points. By default this sends to the in-cluster Vivo and Grafana stack (if present) but it can be also configured to forward to other destinations.

The Calyptia Core Agent stack can be disabled by setting monitoring.fluentBit: false in the configuration.

Prometheus-Loki-Grafana stack

Calyptia provides an optional Prometheus-Loki-Grafana stack (PLG) monitoring stack, deployable by the helm chart:

helm ...  --set monitoring.grafana=true ...

This uses the Grafana Loki-Stack helm chart to deploy everything so can be configured by using all the options available in the stack.

By default we set up the PLG stack in the same namespace along with the Calyptia Core Agents sending it logs and metrics.

To access Grafana (the Helm chart will give you the details as well post installation):

The admin login is in the calyptia-cloud-grafana secret:

kubectl get secret -n {{ .Release.Namespace }} calyptia-cloud-grafana -o jsonpath='{.data.admin-password}'| base64 --decode

To access it, port-forward the calyptia-cloud-grafana service on port 80. For example, for http://localhost:3000:

kubectl port-forward -n {{ .Release.Namespace }} svc/calyptia-cloud-grafana 3000:80

From Grafana you can access logs and metrics for everything supported.


Customers should raise support/feature requests by using the (opens in a new tab) portal.

We provide a (opens in a new tab) script both as a download and in the offline package to scrape all relevant information from the cluster and automatically create an archive to upload to our support portal (opens in a new tab).

$ curl -sSfL | bash
Running support script: 2023-08-16T14:47:19Z
Output stored here: /tmp/tmp.76NbwCR3Od
Cluster info dumped to /tmp/tmp.76NbwCR3Od/cluster
Creating tarball: /tmp/calyptia-support-calyptia-laptop-2023-08-16T14-47-19Z.tgz
Support script complete: /tmp/calyptia-support-calyptia-laptop-2023-08-16T14-47-19Z.tgz