Carbon ingestion

Carbon is an approach to sending Graphite data to the Collector. With this method, Chronosphere treats any Carbon data as pre-aggregated before it arrives at the Collector. Downsampling rules apply only for long-term retention with all metrics assumed to be gauges, while the short-term retention data is persisted as-is.

Only use this when you are certain about the resolution of the data sent, with any change in resolution causing Chronosphere to persist more metrics. In general, Chronosphere doesn't recommend this approach of sending Graphite metrics, as the resolution and control of metrics ingestion is defined by the Carbon clients sending the data, and not the Collector or backend.

You can enable client-side aggregations for Carbon. These aggregations reduce network egress and processed writes to the Chronosphere app.

To ingest Carbon metrics with the Collector, add the following to the configuration file under the push YAML collection:

    enabled: true

The Carbon server runs as a UDP server at the provided listen address.