Debug endpoints

The Chronosphere Collector exposes HTTP endpoints at the listenAddress to return information about the Collector that can help with debugging issues. The Collector enables these endpoints by default. To disable these endpoints, set debug.disabled to false in the Collector manifest.

Access the debug endpoints

You can access the debug endpoints through your browser. All endpoints except /set_log_level are clickable links on the /debug HTML page, and are also directly accessible with a GET request.

  1. In the Collector manifest, enable Prometheus discovery and configure at least one scrape configuration:

    You must complete this step to access the debug endpoints, regardless of whether you're using the Collector to scrape Prometheus endpoints for metrics.

         enabled: true
           - job_name: 'access_debug'
             scrape_interval: 30s
             scrape_timeout: 15s
               - targets: ['192.168.192:9100']
  2. If you're running the Collector with Kubernetes, enable port forwarding:

    kubectl port-forward chronocollector-POD_NAME LISTEN_PORT

    Replace the following:

    • POD_NAME: The name of the Kubernetes pod where your Collector instance is running.
    • LISTEN_PORT: The port where you can access the Collector. ThelistenAddress defines this port. Default: 3030.
  3. Open your browser and navigate to the URL where your Collector is running. The URL is syntax is HOST:LISTEN_PORT/debug. For example, if you're running the Collector locally, navigate to localhost:3030/debug.

  4. Click one of the available endpoints from the list.

Available debug endpoints

  • /debug

    Displays an HTML page of all debug endpoints, each of which is accessible by clicking an endpoint from the list. This page also displays a list of active scrape targets, including the instance name, job name, and scrape statistics. The table includes three preview links:

    • Raw exposition: Includes the actual output of the target's scrape endpoint.
    • Dropped series labels: Lists any dropped labels based on relabel rules.
    • Ingest series labels: Displays the final set of time series after processing relabel rules.
  • /debug/bundle

    Downloads a tar.gz file that contains JSON files for all debug endpoints. The file format is node-name--date--time.tar.gz, where node-name is the name of the node the Collector runs in.

  • /debug/collector_runtime_memory_stats

    Returns the Collector's runtime memory metrics.

  • /debug/config_dump

    Returns a JSON representation of the Collector configuration settings defined in the raw_config, combined with the values for those settings calculated at runtime.

  • /debug/endpoint_slices

    Returns a JSON list of all Kubernetes EndpointSlices the Collector detects.

  • /debug/job_configs

    Returns a JSON list of all computed Kubernetes jobs created from the Collector configuration.

  • /debug/pods

    Returns a JSON list of all Kubernetes pods the Collector detects.

  • /debug/pprof

    Serves a protocol buffer of the Collector in pprof (opens in a new tab) format.

  • /debug/raw_config

    Returns a YAML representation of the settings in the Collector manifest.

  • /debug/service_monitors

    Returns a JSON list of all dynamic service monitor configurations the Collector tracks.

  • /debug/set_log_level

    Accepts a PUT request to temporarily change the logging level of the Collector for a specified duration.

    Refer to temporarily change the Collector log level for more information.

  • /debug/services

    Returns a JSON list of all Kubernetes Services the Collector detects.

  • /debug/targets

    Returns a JSON list of key/value pairs that represent all Kubernetes targets the Collector monitors. The first element is the Collector configuration, followed by a list of all scrape configurations created from the configuration. The endpoint doesn't display Graphite targets.

  • /debug/version

    Returns a JSON representation of the Collector version information. This is the same information the Collector displays at startup.