Metrics quotas

Understand metric quotas and pools

Metric quotas assign specific percentages of your total persisted writes limit to pools of metrics. A pool might translate to teams or other logical groupings within your organization. Use metric quotas to give each pool a specific percentage (quota) of your total persisted writes license. Metrics within a pool are guaranteed at least that percentage of system writes at all times.

If a metric or single service, pod, or environment begins to emit a high volume of data and pushes the system over its persisted writes limit, a penalty applies to the pool containing the emitted metric. Pools that otherwise haven't exceeded their quota aren't penalized.

Chronosphere recommends using the fewest number of pools possible for administrative ease. Ten or fewer pools is adequate for most use cases.

View quotas and pools

Find metric pools defined in your instance on the:

If you haven't configured any metric pools, Chronosphere Observability Platform shows a single Default pool.