SignalFx ingestion

You can configure the Collector to process SignalFx data points. The Collector serves SignalFx traffic at the /signalfx/v2/datapoint HTTP endpoint from the listenAddress, which defaults to The /v2/datapoint suffix is the default expected path appended by SignalFx client libraries.

This integration pattern assumes that you've instrumented your apps with a SignalFx client library, such as the golib (opens in a new tab) library for Go.

For equivalent functions between SignalFx and PromQL, see the equivalent function list.

Configure SignalFx ingestion

  1. Download this annotated manifest (opens in a new tab) as a starting point.

  2. Enable SignalFx mode under the push.signalfx.enabled YAML collection in the Collector manifest.

          enabled: true
  3. Modify additional configuration options under the push.signalfx YAML collection.