Control your data

Your app generates a lot of data, but not all of it's useful. Storing every byte is costly, and can quickly overwhelm your capacity limit, license limit, or both. Aside from financial cost, there's computing cost associated with generating, processing, and temporarily storing your telemetry data.

Reducing data volume keeps costs predictable and manageable as your business scales, and helps teams manage their data effectively by reducing the amount of available information. When you optimize your data, on-call engineers can find the data they need to solve problems faster.

To take control of your data, Chronosphere provides multiple tools you can use to identify and eliminate data that isn't used and doesn't deliver value to your business:

  • Manage license consumption by reviewing licensing dashboards to identify usage trends and avoid exceeding your organization's licensing limits.
  • Understand data limits for each telemetry type to ensure a performant experience when ingesting, querying, and creating resources.
  • Use the Chronosphere Control Plane to shape your metric data and reduce the amount of data you persist.
  • Create sampling rules to manage the tracing data you keep and discard.
  • Create datasets that map tracing license consumption to relevant business units in your organization.