Observe your data

Chronosphere Lens (opens in a new tab) gives you visibility into the health and performance of your applications by ingesting metrics, traces, and change events that you can observe using dashboards and services.

Use services to visually examine trends in data at a high level, and dashboards to help visualize that data in more specific and custom ways.


Chronosphere Observability Platform dashboards target use cases relevant to service and app monitoring. Analyze your data by creating visualizations of query results that you can customize, filter, and focus within a dashboard. Use this information to identify and act on trends, correlate changes in data to incidents, and monitor microservice statuses in real time.

Observability Platform provides a group of predefined dashboards, and the ability to create and customize dashboards tailored to the specific needs of your organization and the teams within it.


Services pages provide opinionated displays of data that's most important to your organization. Observability Platform discovers services automatically and provides efficient views into your app services to help you discover ways to explore your data.

Service pages take advantage of other Observability Platform features including tagged metrics, queries, data visualization panels, teams, and collections.

Working together

When you're getting started using Observability Platform, your workflow might look something like:

  1. In the navigation menu select Services.
  2. Identify an interesting trend or incident.
  3. Open panels in the service to display queries behind a data visualization.
  4. Create a dashboard and add those queries to new panels.
  5. Edit the queries and tailor the visualizations to your needs.

As you get better at identifying trends and incidents, you can turn those queries and understanding of your data into monitors and alerts, reducing on-call escalations and incidents.