Prometheus and OpenMetrics ingestion

You can configure the Collector to accept text-exposition payloads in either Prometheus or OpenMetrics formats.

To enable the Prometheus and OpenMetrics ingestion for the Collector, add importPrometheus and importOpenMetrics under the push YAML collection in the Collector configuration:

    enabled: true
    enabled: true

Traffic is served from /import/openmetrics and /import/prometheus from the listenAddress, which defaults to

# Importing an untyped metric in OpenMetrics format.
curl -d $'test_metric_import 100\n# EOF' -X POST http://localhost:3030/import/openmetrics
# Same import, but in Prometheus format.
curl -d 'test_metric_import 100' -X POST http://localhost:3030/import/prometheus

Additional query parameters:

  • extra_label: pass in repeated, default labels for all time series, formatted as name=value.
  • default_timestamp: provide a default timestamp in Unix milliseconds for any time series that doesn't have one. Otherwise, the value defaults to Now() on the Chronosphere backend.

The following command includes both of these additional query parameters:

curl -d 'test_metric_import 100' -X POST \