Document dashboards with Markdown panels

Classic dashboards have their own panels and methods of configuring them. For details on bar charts in classic dashboards, see Classic dashboard panels.

A Markdown panel renders CommonMark (opens in a new tab) content. Use Markdown panels to document important information or context into a dashboard.

This feature isn't available to all Chronosphere users and might not be visible in your app. For information about enabling this feature in your environment, contact Chronosphere Support.

For details about the configuration options common to all panels, see Panels.

Add a Markdown panel to a dashboard

To add a Markdown panel to a standard dashboard:

  1. Add a panel to a dashboard.
  2. In the Add Panel interface, click the Type dropdown and select Markdown.
  3. Click the Add button to add the panel to the dashboard and close the Add Panel interface.
  4. Optional: On the dashboard, click Save to save the new panel to the dashboard.

Add content to a Markdown panel

To add content to a Markdown panel:

  1. Edit the Markdown panel.
  2. In the Edit Panel interface, click the Markdown tab.

The Markdown tab contains a text field where you can enter Markdown content. The Preview panel updates in real time to display the rendered result.

You can use dashboard variables in the Markdown contents.

To link to another Chronosphere dashboard:

  1. Click the Link tool.
  2. Click Link Type and select Dashboard.
  3. Click Select dashboard and select a dashboard for the link's destination.
  4. Optional: Click Include current time range to toggle whether the link opens the destination dashboard with the same time range as this panel's dashboard.
  5. Optional: Click Include current variable values to toggle whether to pass the same dashboard variable values to the destination dashboard.
  6. Click Insert link to add the link to the Markdown content.
  7. Optional: To cancel without adding a link, click Cancel.

To link to an arbitrary URL:

  1. Click the Link tool.

  2. Enter a Name for the link, which the panel uses for the link's text.

  3. Enter a URL for the link's destination.

    You can include dashboard variables in the URL. Chronosphere includes available variables in the link insertion dialog.

  4. Click Insert link to add the link to the Markdown content.

  5. Optional: To cancel without adding a link, click Cancel.