Glob syntax

Glob patterns specify sets of filenames with wildcard characters. The most common wildcards are *, ?, and […]. You can negate any pattern by prefixing it with a !.

WildcardDescriptionExampleMatchesDoesn't match
*Matches any number of any characters, including none.Law*
Law, Laws, or Lawyer
Law, GrokLaw, or Lawyer
Law or Laaw
GrokLaw, La, or aw
La or aw
La or Laws
?Matches any single character.?atCat, cat, Bat, or batat
[abc]Matches one character given in the bracket.[CB]atCat or Batcat, bat, or CBat
[a-z]Matches one character from the (locale-dependent) range given in the bracket.Letter[0-9]Letter0, Letter1, Letter2, up to Letter9Letters, Letter, or Letter10
{a,b}Matches one word given in the braces.{pass,word}pass, wordpassword, passing

Table sourced from Wikipedia (opens in a new tab).

For more pattern matching specifics, see the Glob primer (opens in a new tab).