Manage pool allocations

Manage pool allocations

In the Metrics Allocations section of the Chronosphere app, you can review current and preview potential impacts to your quota allocations by pool. Use this to shape and plan your pool sizes and future usage. While actual management of pools is handled using Terraform, this interface helps you understand what changes to make to reduce guesswork and repeated updates to your system.

To view your pool allocations, click Managing > Metrics Allocations. Click the Allocations tab.

Choose a time range and data interval

Select a Time range and Interval for quota allocation and consumption. Graphs update based on your selection.

Understand quota allocations by pool

The Quota Allocations by pool graph is a bar chart used to visualize the current quota allocation in Data Points Per Second (DPPS) for each pool, and what the pool is actually consuming. The top bar for each pool is the Average consumption during the Time Range. The second bar is the current quota limit for the pool. Using these two bars, you can determine consumption in relation to the allocated quota. Point to any group of bars to display a dialog with exact values.

Understand quota consumption trends

The Quota consumption trend graphs are a running line of data points and quota limits over the Time Range, where the previous graph displays only a single value. Point to any point on the graph to see exact data. Drag in a graph to focus in on the selected time period.

Preview new quota allocations

Next to the Quota allocations by pools graph is a group of text fields corresponding to each created pool. These boxes contain values with the assigned percentage (%) or DPPS for each pool.

To preview a new quota allocation, change a number in the box for the pool to be updated. Click outside the boxes to update the total.

Quota settings must meet the following criteria:

  • Quotas must add up to 100%.
  • The UI supports values greater than or equal to 0.01%.
  • The API supports values greater than or equal to 0.001%.

Changing an assigned quota displays a third bar in the Quota allocations by pools chart and the Quota consumption trend graphs. Use the new bar to determine if new quota assignments meet the needs of each of your pools.

If one pool is consistently over quota and the other pools aren't, use the preview to adjust assigned quotas to better meet the needs of each pool.

Click the Reset quotas icon to return to the current actual configuration.

If you update your pool quotas and the total is 100%, the Set Terraform Config button activates. Click the button to open a slide out window containing the Terraform configuration for the new quota limits.

Add the definition to a Terraform file and use terraform apply to create the resource.