Upgrade Calyptia Core

The primary way to upgrade Calyptia Core is to use Helm. The following page gives additional details on commands and upgrade impact.

Helm commands

Upgrading the Helm Repo

helm repo update

Upgrading Calyptia Core

The following command assumes that this has been deployed under the Calyptia namespace.

helm upgrade calyptia-core calyptia/core -n calyptia

Affect on running pipelines

Running pipelines will remain running throughout the upgrade process and in some cases will require a restart. In the case of a restart the default method used is a Rolling Restart (opens in a new tab), which will individually restart each replica of a pipeline one by one or in the case of a single replica, create a new replica prior to restarting.

Upgrade/Downgrade to a specific version

A Calyptia Core installation can be upgraded or downgraded to a specific version with the following command:

helm upgrade calyptia-core calyptia/core --set project_token=xxxx --set name=<CORE_INSTANCE_NAME> --set image.tag=v0.1.14

Upgrading in this way re-spawns the core instance pods in the cluster, but deployed pipelines shouldn't be affected.

Update pipelines

Once a core instance has been updated, newer pipelines will use the latest core-fluent-bit docker image, but existing running pipelines, will keep using the same one they were using before.

To update an specific pipeline image (version), you can make use of Calyptia CLI.

calyptia update pipeline <PIPELINE> --image=<IMAGE>


calyptia update pipeline my-awesome-pipeline --image=ghcr.io/calyptia/core/calyptia-fluent-bit:24.1.2

Release cadence

Calyptia Core has a release cadence every two months.