Configure your Chronosphere Collector

To install and use the Chronosphere Collector, you define a manifest that describes how the Collector operates. Manifests are static YAML files that include details such as the installation method for the Collector and what endpoints the Collector scrapes to ingest data.

You can base your manifest on this example (opens in a new tab), which contains details on common configuration options when installing the Collector with Kubernetes to retrieve metric data.

You can modify the default Collector manifest to:

Modify the Collector manifest

If you modify the Collector configuration manifest, you must send the updated manifest to the cluster and then restart the Collector:

  1. Apply the updated manifest to the cluster:

    kubectl apply -f path/to/manifest.yml
  2. Restart the Collector to propagate the changes:


    kubectl rollout restart daemonset/chronocollector


    kubectl rollout restart deployment/chronocollector