Organize dashboard content with layouts

This feature isn't available to all Chronosphere Observability Platform users and might not be visible in your app. For information about enabling this feature in your environment, contact Chronosphere Support.

Each dashboard has a layout composed of panel groups, each of which contains panels that visualize the results of a query. Use Chronosphere to define your dashboard layouts and create efficient visualizations of query results.

Classic dashboards have their own panel groups and methods of configuring them. For details, see Classic dashboards.

Add a panel group to a dashboard

If you add a panel to a dashboard that doesn't have any panel groups, Chronosphere creates a group for you. You can also manually create panel groups for greater control.

To add a panel group to a standard dashboard:

  1. Open the dashboard. You can view a list of all dashboards or select from a list of dashboards in a collection.
  2. Click Edit on the dashboard.
  3. Click Panel Group.
  4. In the Add panel group window, enter a Name.
  5. Optional: Click the Collapse state dropdown and select whether the new panel group should be Open or Closed by default.
  6. Click Add to add the new panel group.

Add a panel to a panel group

To add a new panel to a panel group:

  1. In the panel group to which you want to add a panel, click the Add panel to group icon.
  2. In the Add Panel interface that appears, provide a name for the new panel.
  3. Click Add to add the panel or Cancel to discard it.

Panels aren't permanently added to a panel group until you save all changes to the dashboard by clicking Save on the dashboard.

For details about all of the settings in a panel, see Edit a panel. You can save a new panel to a dashboard with as little as a name, then edit it later to configure it and add or modify queries.

Move a panel within a panel group

To change a panel's position within a panel group, drag the panel by its Move handle to the desired position.

Move a panel to another panel group

To move a panel located in another panel group on the same dashboard:

  1. Edit the panel that you want to move.
  2. Click Group.
  3. Click the panel group that you want to contain the panel.
  4. Click Apply.

Panels aren't permanently moved until you save all changes to the dashboard by clicking Save on the dashboard.

Modify a panel group

You can expand or collapse each panel group by clicking the or icons, respectively, to toggle the panel group's state. When collapsed, panel groups report the number of panels inside the group.

To edit a panel group's properties:

  1. Click the Edit group icon inside of the panel group that you want to edit.
  2. In the Edit panel group window, set the group's Name and Collapse state.
  3. Click Apply to apply the changes to the panel group.
  4. Optional: To permanently save all changes to the dashboard, click Save.

To change a panel group's order within the layout:

  1. Click the Move group down icon to move the selected group down in the layout.
  2. Click the Move group up icon to move the selected group up in the layout.

Changes to a panel group aren't made permanent until you save all changes to the dashboard by clicking Save on the dashboard.

Delete a panel group


Deleting a panel group deletes all panels within the group. You can't undo the panel group deletion without canceling all other changes made to the dashboard. After you save changes to the dashboard that delete a panel group, you can't recover its deleted panels.

To delete a panel group:

  1. Click the Delete group icon.
  2. Read the Delete Panel Group confirmation request.
  3. Click Delete to confirm that you want to delete the group and all panels within it.

Panel groups aren't permanently deleted until you save all changes to the dashboard by clicking Save on the dashboard.

Split a panel group with a dashboard variable

You can define a panel group as a split panel group that dynamically splits and replicates itself to display the panels it contains with each value of a dashboard variable applied to them. This automates the creation of panel groups that automatically apply that variable's value to each of the contained panels.

To use a split panel group:

  1. Add a panel group to a dashboard and add at least one panel to the group.
  2. Define at least one dashboard variable and use it in the queries of panels in this panel group.
  3. Modify the panel group.
  4. Click the Split Panel Group toggle to enable it.
  5. Enter or select the variable name of the dashboard variable that splits the panel group.
  6. Click Apply.

The panel group splits into multiple groups for each value of the selected dashboard variable. The variable and its value appear next to the panel group's name.

You can edit the original panel from any instance of it in any split panel group. To modify the panel group, you must click the Edit group icon inside of the original panel group.