Administer your tools and users

Administrative users focus on observability tools so that developers can use those tools to monitor and maintain the health of their distributed system. As an administrative user, you might focus on one or more of the following tasks.

Cost control

Manage license consumption by reviewing licensing dashboards to identify usage trends and avoid exceeding your organization's licensing limits. Use the Chronosphere Control Plane to shape your metric data, downsample data, and reduce the amount of data you persist. You can also create sampling rules to manage the tracing data you keep and discard.

Data collection

Ingest telemetry data into Chronosphere Observability Platform, which can include metrics, traces, and change events. Your Collector selection depends on the data you plan to ingest. Chronosphere recommends using the Chronosphere Collector, but can also ingest data from the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Data usability

Explore your data to understand where you can normalize, sanitize, and optimize telemetry data to make it usable for developers and to filter out less useful data. Analyze usage metrics and implement aggregation rules to improve the quality and reduce the cardinality of stored metrics data.

Platform usability

Create and manage collections to group Observability Platform resources associated with a service or feature you want to monitor. You create teams to organize accounts into groups and define permissions for sensitive management and administrative operations. A team's accounts have shared responsibility for individual services, which Observability Platform represents as collections.