Sign in to Chronosphere

Authenticating with Chronosphere as a user

To access Chronosphere, a user must first use their user account to authenticate. User accounts can authenticate interactively by signing in, or non-interactively by using a personal access token.

For details about how to create and manage user accounts as an administrator, see User accounts. To authenticate a service with Chronosphere, see Service accounts.

Supported web browsers

You can use the developer-supported versions of these web browsers with Chronosphere:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Brave

Sign in interactively

Chronosphere administrators can configure their organization to use a single sign-on (SSO) provider for authentication, or to use an email address and password, or to offer both methods to users.

Regardless of the method, to use your web browser to access the Chronosphere app, first go to your organization's login page. For example, if the domain name of your organization's Chronosphere instance is, go to

Use single sign-on

Chronosphere supports several SSO providers, including:

  • Okta
  • Duo
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Google Suite

As an administrator, contact Chronosphere Support to enable a service on your account, or if you need to add another provider.

To sign in if your organization has enabled SSO:

  1. Click Log in with Single Sign On on the login page. This redirects you to your SSO provider.
  2. Authenticate with your SSO provider. If successful, this redirects you back to the Chronosphere app.

If an SSO user can't sign in, email or contact Chronosphere Support.

Use an email and password

When an administrator in your organization requests a user account for you, Chronosphere sends an invitation email containing instructions and a link to create your account to the address they provided.

For details about how to create and manage user accounts as an administrator, see User accounts.

To create your user account after you receive your invitation email:

  1. Click the invitation link you received from your account administrator. This opens the Signup page.
  2. Enter your account details, including a password.
  3. Click Sign Up. This sends a verification email to your address.
  4. Open the verification email when it arrives.
  5. Click the link inside the email.
  6. After verification, sign in to your account from the login URL.

If your organization hasn't enabled SSO authentication, you must enter your email address and password at the login page to access your user account.

After you sign in, Chronosphere redirects you to your organization's home page.

Reset your password

If you have any problems signing in, contact Chronosphere Support.

If you forget your password, you can reset it from the login page.

  1. Click the FORGOT PASSWORD? link on the login page.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click Reset Password. This sends the password reset email, which can take a few minutes to deliver. If you don't receive the email after a few minutes, examine your email client's spam filter.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

To confirm if a user has an account, have a user who can sign in to the Chronosphere app go to the navigation menu and click Go to Admin, and then select Platform > Users to ensure an account exists for the user's email address. If there's no account, have an administrator invite the user. For details, see User accounts.

Authenticate with a personal access token

To access Chronosphere with your user account while using non-interactive tools, such as Chronoctl and Terraform, or to access Chronosphere APIs or Prometheus API, you can use a personal access token. For details, see Personal access tokens.