Verify the Collector is receiving traces

Use the following methods to ensure the Chronosphere Collector is receiving trace data.

Trace Analyzer

Trace Analyzer provides a real-time view of incoming traces grouped by tag and their relative frequency. Use Trace Analyzer to display the stream of incoming spans from your trace data.

  1. Click Go to Admin.
  2. In the navigation menu select Analyzers > Live Telemetry Analyzer.
  3. Click Live to display the stream of incoming spans. The default grouping shows spans by service (__svc__), but you can include additional tags to group by such as __trace_id__ and __span_id__.

Trace Explorer

Trace Explorer helps you search for traces and spans so that you can identify, triage, and understand the root cause of problems.

  1. In the navigation menu select Explorers > Trace Explorer.
  2. Modify the Time Window to the period when the Collector started ingesting trace data.

The timeline graph displays a spike at the time when trace data started flowing into the Chronosphere app.