Slack graph unfurling

Slack unfurling integration

Alerting is critical to problem response. Reliable, available, actionable information allows observability teams to act on problems quickly. Alert criticality and other metadata can help determine the severity of an issue, but the graph in a given alert is the first place users look to create a representation of their data and the state of their metrics.

Chronosphere supports unfurling of monitor graphs in Slack (opens in a new tab), enabling Slack users to view or share monitors in Slack channels aimed at mitigating alerts. To set up the Slack notifier for alert delivery, see Slack notifier.

Unfurling isn't supported for Metrics Explorer and Dashboard links.

If your Slack alerting management uses a Slack app with granular permissions, such as the PagerDuty app (opens in a new tab), and that app pastes the alerting Chronosphere monitor link in the Slack message, those links unfurl. If you use a legacy app, such as the incoming webhook (opens in a new tab) app, those links won't unfurl.

If a user posts a monitor link, it always unfurls.

Adding the Chronosphere app to Slack

Chronosphere recommends completing this procedure as a user who is part of a team with the SysAdmin role. The Slack integration uses the same Chronosphere permissions as the user who installed the app. Users with lower permissions levels might not unfurl all graphs. You can create a Slack notifier in Chronosphere.

To integrate Slack with Chronosphere:

  1. Go to to install the Slack app for Chronosphere.

    MY_COMPANY is your company or organization name.

  2. If you have multiple workspaces, select the desired workspace from the menu.

  3. If you have multiple Chronosphere tenants you want to have expanded graphs in, go to to associate your Slack user with a user in that tenant.

  4. Follow the prompts to authorize the integration.

  5. Add the Slack app to the specific channel you wan to send alerts to.

    The Slack app is channel-specific, and must be added to each channel in a workspace that needs unfurled graphs.

A confirmation page displays when integration successfully completes.

After integration, pasting a Chronosphere graph URL into Slack displays a thumbnail of the graph as a threaded message.

Chart images expire after seven days.

Remove the Chronosphere integration from Slack

To remove the Chronosphere app from Slack, follow the Slack procedure for removal (opens in a new tab).