Investigate your data

Chronosphere ingests metrics and traces, helping you identify issues and determine which services are causing latency.

Use Chronosphere to understand your network's overall health, and to troubleshoot issues when problems arise.


Metrics are the statistics about your services, which Chronosphere ingests. Using a Collector, Chronosphere adds, drops, and aggregates those statistics for use in dashboards, traces, and alerts.

Distributed traces

Distributed tracing involves mapping and analyzing requests as they flow through a distributed system. Use either the Chronosphere-provided Collector or the OpenTelemetry Collector to ingest tracing data into Chronosphere. Use the Trace Explorer to identify traces where problems are occurring, and then either view them in real-time with Trace Analyzer or create Trace Metrics based on your data.


Any aspect of Chronosphere that surfaces data to users requires querying. Dashboards, monitors, traces, and all other data views query for selected metrics, labels, or tags. Consolidate metrics with similar names or uses with derived telemetry.

Change events

The Changes Explorer displays change events to create a comprehensive view of all changes in your environment. Each change event describes a change within your environment or Chronosphere tenant at a specific time.


Logs, powered by CrowdStrike give your teams the ability to parse, ingest, and query your log data from within the Chronosphere app.