Ingest telemetry data

Chronosphere Observability Platform supports multiple methods to ingest telemetry data, which depends on which type of data you want to ingest.

Ingestion methodChange eventsLogsMetricsTraces
Chronosphere Collector
OpenTelemetry Collector
Telemetry Pipeline or Core Agent
Existing pipeline
Direct to Observability Platform

After ingesting telemetry data, use the control mechanisms that Observability Platform provides to control costs and ensure you're ingesting only the data you care about.

Chronosphere utilizes push and pull models of ingestion, depending on the data Chronosphere utilizes push and pull models of ingestion, depending on the data collected and the method of ingestion.

  • Pull models, like the Chronosphere Collector, scrape data from external sources and pull it in. These metrics have consistent reporting intervals.
  • Push models, like tracing, send data to Chronosphere, which is then processed. These metrics can have a broad spectrum of reporting frequency, from large bursts of data to long periods with no data reporting.

The ingestion model depends on the data source. Metrics pushed to Observability Platform can have latency delays or sparse time series which can result in unexpected query results.

Metric and trace data

To ingest metrics and traces, you must configure one of the collection methods. Use the Chronosphere Collector or OpenTelemetry Collector for metric and trace data. Google Cloud metrics can also be directly ingested.

Change event data

Change event data gets sent directly to Observability Platform, and doesn't require an independent collection mechanism. Use Observability Platform or CreateEvent API to send your change events (opens in a new tab).

You can also ingest change events directly from supported third-party tools such as Amazon EventBridge, Buildkite, and LaunchDarkly.

Log data

To ingest log data, Chronosphere recommends using Core Agent or a combination of Core Agent plus Telemetry Pipeline. Chronosphere also supports using your existing ingest pipeline to ingest log data, such as Fluent Bit, LogStash, or the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Control costs

Ingesting more telemetry data increases your overall data and storage costs. Observability Platform provides several control mechanisms to manage the data you ingest.

Metric data

Use the following methods to control the metric data you ingest:

Tracing data

Use the following methods to control the tracing data you ingest:

  • Create sampling rules to control costs and maximize the usefulness of your tracing data.
  • Create datasets to map sets of traces to named groups relevant to your organization, and then track processed and persisted bytes for those groups over time.