Ingest metrics and traces

Chronosphere supports two collectors to ingest metrics, the Chronosphere Collector, and the Open Telemetry (OTel) Collector.

Chronosphere doesn't yet provide customer support for OpenTelemetry components.

Chronosphere Collector versus Open Telemetry

Your Collector selection depends on the data you plan to ingest. Chronosphere recommends using the vendor-supported, optimized, and highly performant Chronosphere Collector, either as a DaemonSet (preferable) or as a centralized collector (if you intend to migrate later to a different ingestion pipeline). Chronosphere can also ingest data from the OpenTelemetry Collector.

ChronosphereOpen Telemetry
ProprietaryOpen source
Specialized support for proprietary formatsNo, or less reliable support for proprietary formats
Fully supported by Chronosphere SupportNo customer support for the collector or its components
Includes metric type supportNo metric type support in Prometheus remote write
No trace ingestionSupports trace ingestion

Control costs

Ingesting more metrics and traces increases your overall data and storage costs. Use the following methods to control the data you ingest: