What is Chronosphere?

Chronosphere is a SaaS-based observability and monitoring platform made for cloud-native infrastructures. With Chronosphere, teams can monitor data across your entire system to identify and solve issues. Minimize impact and downtime for your app and your users while controlling what data you pay for.

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Chronosphere platform architecture

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Control costs

Use the Chronosphere Control Plane to analyze and shape your observability data to control costs and improve performance. Keep the data you need to control costs and configure rules to drop the rest.

For metrics data, analyze your traffic and usage to identify opportunities to reduce the overall volume of metrics and understand the impact of proposed shaping rules.

For tracing data, use sampling to manage the tracing data you keep and discard to help control costs and maximize the usefulness of your tracing data.

Accelerate MTTx

To reduce downtime and fix issues efficiently, you need to view the full picture of connected microservices. Configure alerts that trigger on specific conditions and provide developers with the necessary context to identify and resolve issues when problems occur. Developers can apply that context across several exploration tools to analyze metric, tracing, and event data. Collect and review logs with Calyptia Core (opens in a new tab).

Increase observability

Chronosphere incorporates all of your telemetry in a single platform so you can manage all of your data together. Create dashboards and add visualizations of query results that you can customize, filter, and focus. Developers can use this information to act on trends, correlate changes in data to incidents, and monitor status in real time, all from a single location. If they need more context, developers can build queries to drill deeper into telemetry data.


View the full Chronosphere architecture for more information about how the platform operates.