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This site contains documentation and reference links for the Chronosphere Observability Platform and Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline.

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Chronosphere Observability Platform

Chronosphere Observability Platform is a SaaS-based observability and monitoring platform made for cloud-native infrastructures. With Observability Platform, teams can monitor data across your entire system to identify and solve issues. Minimize impact and downtime for your app and your users while controlling what data you pay for.

Read the app overview to gain an understanding of the platform's capabilities. View the full Observability Platform architecture for more information about how the platform is structured.

To start using Observability Platform, sign in with your user account to authenticate.

Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline

Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline is an observability pipeline platform for controlling your data through data collection, processing, and routing to various destinations. Telemetry Pipeline integrates into your existing observability and security information and event management (SIEM) tooling to help process logs, metrics, security events, and trace data.

You have the flexibility of sending data from your existing ingest pipeline directly to Chronosphere Observability Platform, or sending that data to Telemetry Pipeline for parsing and then to Observability Platform.

See the Telemetry Pipeline documentation for more information.