Datadog migration considerations

Datadog uses its own proprietary query language and storage system. Chronosphere is based on Prometheus. As you consider moving from Datadog to Chronosphere, review the following questions and suggestions as you plan your migration.



Understanding the metrics you're using and how they're used can help determine the time needed to switch from the previous system to Chronosphere.


Chronosphere integrates with other systems.

  • What integrations are you currently using?
    • What metrics do those integrations use, either ingested or exposed.
    • How do you use those metrics in your dashboards and alerts? This helps create the correct exporter configuration. For example, configuring YACE (opens in a new tab) to do a sum statistics aggregation versus average gives different results.
  • Do you have a plan for how to ingest the OSS metrics?
  • Get consensus about using OSS Grafana dashboards for OSS metrics, or if you'll need to convert the widgets.

Custom metrics

You and your users might have created custom metrics for internal applications.

  • How many metrics are distributions? Egress costs might be higher for distribution metrics than for other types.
  • Develop an understanding of what your custom metrics are, what they're monitoring, and what labels they have.

Alerts migration

Alerts and notifications are often critical parts of your observability platform.

  • Obtain a list of the existing alerting platforms being used.
  • Create a list of the notification channels in use.