Import Grafana dashboards

Import Grafana dashboards

You can export dashboards from Grafana as JSON, then import them into Chronosphere as classic dashboards. For steps on exporting a dashboard from Grafana, see its documentation (opens in a new tab).


Chronosphere supports dashboards exported from Grafana versions up to 7.5. Dashboards exported from newer versions of Grafana might not be importable without modification.

To import a Grafana dashboard:

  1. In the navigation menu select Dashboards.
  2. Click + Add.
  3. In the menu that appears, click Import dashboard to open the Import Dashboard dialog.
  4. Click Import JSON File to upload an exported Grafana dashboard, or paste the dashboard's JSON into the Import Dashboard JSON field.
  5. Click Next to configure the dashboard's settings. If the file fails validation, the dialog presents an error message describing the failure.
  6. Enter a descriptive name in the Name field.
  7. Enter an Owner in the corresponding field to associate the dashboard with a collection or service.
  8. Optional: Enter Tags in the corresponding field to associate the dashboard with key/value tag pairs.
  9. Click Import.