Send LaunchDarkly events to Chronosphere

To send LaunchDarkly events to Chronosphere, create a webhook within LaunchDarkly and include your API key to authenticate with Chronosphere.

Obtain an API token

Before sending events from LaunchDarkly, contact Chronosphere Support to obtain an API token for use with authenticating your third-party app with Chronosphere.

This API token differs from an API token that's generated when creating a service account.

Create a LaunchDarkly webhook

To send LaunchDarkly events to Chronosphere:

  1. In LaunchDarkly, create a webhook (opens in a new tab).

  2. In the URL field, enter https://ADDRESS/api/v1/data/events/receiver/launchdarkly.

    Replace ADDRESS with your company name prefixed to your Chronosphere instance that ends in For example,

  3. Click Sign this webhook to define a secret, which ensures requests are generated by LaunchDarkly.

  4. In the Secret field, enter the API token you obtained from Chronosphere Support.

  5. Optional: Add a policy if you want to select and filter the events you send to Chronosphere.

    Chronosphere recommends setting the following actions in the LaunchDarkly advanced editor:

    "actions": [
  6. Save your webhook.