Create a Slack notifier

To create a Slack notifier, generate an incoming webhook in Slack and then create a Slack notifier in Chronosphere.

Create an incoming webhook in Slack

Before creating a Slack notifier in Chronosphere, create an incoming webhook in Slack. See Sending messages using incoming webhooks (opens in a new tab) in the Slack documentation for more information.

Create a Slack notifier in Chronosphere

After creating an incoming webhook in Slack, you can create a Slack notifier in Chronosphere.

To create a Slack notifier:

  1. In the navigation menu select Alerting > Notifiers.

  2. Click Create Notifier.

  3. Enter a descriptive name for the notifier.

  4. Select Slack as the type of notifier you want to create.

  5. In the API URL field, enter the URL you created for your webhook in Slack, which is called as a POST request. For example:
  6. In the Channel field, enter the Slack channel you want the notifier to post to.

  7. Optional: In the Username field, enter the Slack username to post the notifier as.

  8. Click Save.