Overview of logging

Chronosphere provides Logs, powered by CrowdStrike, which is an embedded logging experience that integrates CrowdStrike® Falcon LogScale™ into the Chronosphere app. This solution allows your organization to parse, ingest, and query your log data from within the Chronosphere app. With Logs, your teams have more detailed context to help identify and fix the root cause of issues.

As part of Chronosphere's observability platform, Logs give your organization another form of telemetry in addition to metrics, traces, and events. Paired together, your teams can correlate issues across all of these data types while controlling the data you want to persist.

Get started with Logs

Refer to Key concepts to learn about some important concepts of LogScale that can help accelerate your ability to effectively parse, manage, and query your log data.

You can then get started with Logs:

  1. Configure LogScale.
  2. Ingest log data.
  3. Sign in to Chronosphere.
  4. Query log data.
  5. Configure alerting.