Navigate Chronosphere

Navigate Chronosphere Observability Platform

The Chronosphere Observability Platform user interface guides you to the resources you need.

Personal home page

After you sign in, Observability Platform displays your personal home page. The Recent Dashboards and Recent Monitors sections link to recently viewed resources.

To view a panel of all collections, in the navigation menu exit the Admin menu (if needed, click Exit Admin) and select Collections. If your user account belongs to a team, collections that belong to your team appear first in the panel. Clicking a team or collection opens its home page.

Team and collection home pages

Teams and collections have their own home pages populated with links to associated resources, and also customizable links and descriptions. For details, see Team and collection home pages.


Observability Platform provides a global search bar on every page that supports searching for teams, collections, dashboards, and monitors by name. To search, click the search bar or use the keyboard shortcut Control+K (Command+K on macOS) to focus on the bar, and then begin typing. Search results will appear as you type.

By default, search results include all supported resource types. To toggle a resource type's visibility in the results, click its selector at the top of the results list.

The icons in the resource type filters correspond to the icons displayed next to each result and identify each result's type. Resources in the results that belong to a team or collection also list them beneath the result's name.

Your account

The interface represents your signed-in account by your first initial in a circle. Click your account to open a panel to:

  • Select your UI theme.
  • Open the My Account page, which contains details about your account and your personal access tokens.
  • Sign Out of Observability Platform.
  • Confirm your signed-in account's email address and the Observability Platform version number.

Help and documentation

Click Help to open a panel containing links to these resources:

Feature navigation

The navigation menu contains links to each of its toolsets and functions:

All users:

  • Services opens a page with details about your discovered and configured services.
  • Dashboards opens the list of all dashboards.
  • Alerts links to tools related to monitors, alerts, and notifications.
  • Explorers links to tools to explore metrics, traces, logs, and change events.


  • Collections opens a panel with links to home pages for each team and collection, and a link to your personal home page.


  • Analyzers links to metric and query analysis tools.
  • Control links to metric and trace management tools.
  • Platform links to administrative tools and maintenance views.

Keyboard shortcuts

Many pages in Observability Platform include keyboard shortcuts. Press Shift+? to display the shortcuts on a page. Not all pages include shortcuts.

Release notes

If you're looking for product release notes, sign in to Observability Platform. In the navigation menu select Help > Release Notes.