Prometheus remote write backend

You can configure the Collector as a Prometheus remote write backend. Your existing Prometheus deployment writes directly to the Collector, which then forwards the metrics to Chronosphere.

In this setup, configure all relabel rules and other scrape options within Prometheus itself.

If you modify a Collector manifest, you must update it in the cluster and restart the Collector.

If running the Collector with Kubernetes, run the Collector as a sidecar to Prometheus or as a Deployment.

To configure the Collector as a Prometheus remote write backend:

  1. Enable prometheusRemoteWrite under the push YAML collection in the Collector configuration:

        enabled: true
  2. Add the Collector as a remote write endpoint in your Prometheus configuration:

      - url: http://{collector_ip}:3030/remote/write
  3. Optional: Depending on the specific workload, you might need to tune the remote write configuration within Prometheus.

    Refer to the Prometheus documentation for remote writes (opens in a new tab) for more information.