Vivo destination plugin

Vivo Exporter destination plugin enables you to expose your processed telemetry data, including logs, metrics, and traces, through an HTTP endpoint. With the Vivo Exporter destination plugin, you can transmit your telemetry data to these endpoints over the network.

By using the Vivo Exporter destination plugin, you can configure your Calyptia Core pipeline to send your telemetry data to a remote HTTP endpoint exposed by Vivo Exporter, enabling you to integrate your data with other systems or services for various purposes.

Configuration parameters

The Vivo destination plugin provides these configuration parameters:

Vivo HostIP address or hostname of the target HTTP Server.
PortTCP port of the target HTTP Server.
URISpecify an optional HTTP URI for the target web server, e.g: /something.
FormatSpecify the data format to be used in the HTTP request body, by default it uses json_lines. Other supported formats are json and json_stream.