Configure alerting

Alert on logs

To get notified when certain events occur, you can configure alerts for your log data. Chronosphere supports the following options for receiving alerts about events in your logs:

  • Convert your logs to metrics and configure alerts on those metrics in Chronosphere.
  • Create alerts on queries directly in Logs.

The following information focuses on automating alerts (opens in a new tab) for queries in Logs. To learn more about converting logs to metrics, contact Chronosphere Support.

Chronosphere embeds the LogScale automation and alerting capabilities directly in the Chronosphere app so you can create alerts, schedule searches, and create actions when an alert or scheduled search trigger.

To access these capabilities, in the navigation menu select Exploring > Logs Explorer, and then click Logs Automation.

To get started with alerting in Logs:

  1. Create an action to initiate when an alert or scheduled search triggers.
  2. Create an alert to notify individuals when an alert query triggers an action.
  3. Create a scheduled search if you want to run a static query on a defined schedule.