Create actions for alerts and scheduled searches

Create actions in Logs to initiate when an alert or scheduled search triggers, such as notifying a PagerDuty group or sending a message to a Slack channel. See Actions (opens in a new tab) in the LogScale documentation for a list of the supported tools and incident management platforms you can create actions for.


Some actions require additional configuration in a third-party app before creating an action in Logs, such as configuring a Slack app (opens in a new tab) or creating a PagerDuty service (opens in a new tab). Complete those steps before creating the associated action in Logs.

If you need to access external LogScale configuration tasks, such as creating an action template or installing a LogScale package, click Repository settings in Logs to display the full LogScale product.

Create an action

To create an action in Logs:

  1. In the navigation menu select Exploring > Logs Explorer.
  2. Click Logs Automation to display the Logs alerting capabilities.
  3. On the Logs Automation page, click Actions and then click New action.
  4. Enter a name for your action and select the action type. Select one of the following options:
    • Empty action: Start with a blank action, select the action type (such as email, Slack, or PagerDuty), and configure or set the action parameters.
    • From template: Use an existing action template or upload a template that you previously exported. LogScale supports message templates for email, Slack, and webhook actions. See message template and variables (opens in a new tab) in the LogScale documentation for more information.
    • From package: Use an existing action defined in an installed LogScale package. See views and packages for more information about creating packages.
  5. Follow the prompts for the action type you selected and complete all required fields.
  6. Click Create action to create the action.

After creating an action, you can create an alert or a scheduled search and assign the action.