Create dashboards

Create dashboards for logging

Create dashboards to query and visualize logging data.

You can use Grafana variable syntax (opens in a new tab) in your query, such as including $varname to interpolate values from your dashboard. Defining variables enables dropdown menus in dashboards to better filter your displayed data.

If you want to use variables in your query, you need to create them first. See Add a query variable (opens in a new tab) in the Grafana documentation for more information.

To create a dashboard with a query for logging:

  1. In Logs Explorer, define your query.

  2. Click Copy query to copy the query to your clipboard.

  3. Click Add to dashboard to go to the Dashboards screen.

  4. Create a dashboard.

  5. Add a panel to your dashboard.

  6. Enter a Panel title and Description for your panel.

  7. In the Query pane of your dashboard, select Chronosphere Logs from the dropdown as the query type.

  8. In the Repository dropdown, select the repository you want to run your query against.

  9. In the Query field, paste the query you defined. Replace any values with supported variables you want to use, such as $varname.

  10. In your query, add a pipe (|) and a supported query function (opens in a new tab) that maps to the visualization you want to display.

    For example, if you want to display a time chart, add | timechart() to your query:

    service = "payment-gateway-svc" | severity = ERROR | timechart()
  11. Click Apply to apply your changes, and then click Save dashboard.