Calyptia CLI

Install Core Operator using Calyptia CLI

You can use Calyptia CLI to get started with Core Operator.


  • Calyptia CLI
  • Running Kubernetes Cluster
  • API Token


Requires Calyptia CLI version 1.3.8 or later.

  1. Your token lets you interact with your core resources securely. Use the following command to set your token:
calyptia config set_token <YOUR_TOKEN>
  1. Install Core Operator with the following command.
calyptia install operator
  1. Now that Core Operator has been installed, you can automate your Core resources' management. Create a new Core Instance using the following command.
calyptia create core_instance operator --name <CORE_INSTANCE_NAME>
  1. If you want to install your core instance in a particular namespace, include the --kube-namespace flag.
calyptia create core_instance operator --name <CORE_INSTANCE_NAME> --kube-namespace <NAMESPACE>