Change event limits

In addition to using the Chronosphere app, you can use the CreateEvent API (opens in a new tab) to create change events. This API can ingest 300 change events per minute, per block in a single tenant. The total request size must be less than 1 MB.

Change event fields

The CreateEvent API accepts the following fields with the stated limits:

titleBrief description of the change event.YesMaximum of 100 characters.NoError
sourceIdentifies where the data originated.YesMaximum of 50 characters.NoError
categoryInforms Chronosphere about the kind of change event.YesMust be one of:
happened_atIndicates when the change event occurred, which defaults to now if unset.NoMust be a Unix epoch timestamp.

Can be set only to 24 hours before or after the current time.
Yes, with a restartError
typeDifferentiates change events within a particular category or source.YesMaximum of 50 characters.NoError
labelsKey values associated with a change event.NoMaximum of 200 labels (key/value pairs) per event.

- Keys: Maximum of 500 characters.
- Values: Maximum of 5,000 characters.
payload_jsonPayload associated with a change event.NoMaximum of 100,000 characters.No-
payload_objectPayload associated with a change event, if the original event was in key/value format.NoMaximum of 100,000 characters.No-