Upgrade Core Operator

Upgrading your Telemetry Pipeline Core Operator gives you access to the latest features, fixes, and improvements to Core Operator.

When upgrading Core Operator, use the method you used to originally install Core Operator:

Before you begin

Read the release notes (opens in a new tab) to learn about product updates and changes that could affect your use of the product.

Upgrade Core Operator with Calyptia CLI

To upgrade your Core Operator installation using Calyptia CLI (opens in a new tab):

  1. Use the following command to get a list of the custom resource definitions (CRDs) in your cluster:

    kubectl get crd

    The command returns a list of CRDs in your cluster. For example:

    NAME                                    CREATED AT
    helmcharts.helm.cattle.io               2023-10-31T12:04:34Z
    helmchartconfigs.helm.cattle.io         2023-10-31T12:04:34Z
    addons.k3s.cattle.io                    2023-10-31T12:04:34Z
    serverstransports.traefik.containo.us   2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    tlsoptions.traefik.containo.us          2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    middlewaretcps.traefik.containo.us      2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    tlsstores.traefik.containo.us           2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    ingressrouteudps.traefik.containo.us    2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    ingressroutetcps.traefik.containo.us    2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    ingressroutes.traefik.containo.us       2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    traefikservices.traefik.containo.us     2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    middlewares.traefik.containo.us         2023-10-31T12:04:59Z
    pipelines.core.calyptia.com             2023-10-31T12:05:09Z
    ingestchecks.core.calyptia.com          2023-10-31T12:06:59Z
  2. To upgrade your Core Operator, use the following command:

    calyptia install operator
  3. At the prompt, enter y to proceed with the installation. Your Core Operator will be upgraded to the latest version.

  4. To verify your upgrade, run kubectl get crd to view a list of CRDs in your cluster.

Upgrade Core Operator with Helm

To upgrade your Core Operator installation using Helm:

  1. Update your repository using the following command:

    helm repo update
  2. Install the custom resource definitions (CRDs) with the following command:

    helm upgrade --install core-crd calyptia/core-crd
  3. Use the following command to upgrade your Core Operator with Helm:

    helm upgrade --install core-operator calyptia/core-operator

You will be notified when your Core Operator upgrade is complete.

Release "core-operator" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
NAME: core-operator
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Oct 31 12:13:05 2023
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed