Amazon S3 source plugin

Amazon S3 is a cloud-based object storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). S3 buckets are the primary means of storing data within the S3 service. They are a powerful and flexible cloud-based object storage solution that offers virtually unlimited storage capacity, high durability and availability, and integration with a wide range of applications and workflows.

You can use the S3 input source plugin to configure your Calyptia Core pipeline to collect data from your S3 buckets.

Configuration parameters

The S3 input source plugin provides these configuration parameters:

AWS Access KeyAWS access key path.
AWS Secret KeyAWS secret key path.
AWS Bucket NameAWS S3 bucket name to fetch logs from (for example, logs).
AWS Bucket RegionAWS region from where the bucket is (for example, us-east1).
File PathGlob format of the logs contained under the bucket (for example, /logs/\*.log).