Prometheus Scrape

Prometheus scrape source plugin

Prometheus scrape is a data collection method used by Prometheus, a popular open source monitoring system. It enables you to collect metrics data from various sources by periodically scraping data from HTTP endpoints exposed by monitored applications and services.

Prometheus scrape works by sending HTTP GET requests to the configured scrape endpoints and collecting the response data, which is then processed and stored as time-series data. This allows you to monitor the performance and behavior of your applications and services in real-time and gain insights into their overall health and availability.

You can use the Prometheus scrape source plugin to configure your Calyptia Core pipeline to collect data from your Prometheus instances.

Configuration parameters

The Prometheus scrape source plugin provides these configuration parameters:

HostThe host of the Prometheus metric endpoint you want to scrape.
PortThe port of the Prometheus metric endpoint you want to scrape.
Metrics URI EndpointThe metrics URI endpoint, which must start with a forward slash. Parameters can also be added to the path by using `?`.
Scrape IntervalThe interval to scrape metrics.