Owning collections and dashboards

Add dashboards and monitors to services using Terraform or Chronoctl

This feature isn't available to all Chronosphere users and might not be visible in your app. For information about enabling this feature in your environment, contact your salesperson or technical account manager.

Dashboards and monitors can be added to services. For some instances, you can use the Cloud App to create or edit a monitor or dashboard to assign it to a service.

You can also use Chronoctl (v0.58.0 or later) or Terraform (v0.44.0 or later).

Chronoctl configurations use a collection field (previously collection_slug), which sets a collection type and slug. When adding a monitor or dashboard to a service using Chronoctl, set the type to SERVICE and the slug to the service's slug.

  type: SERVICE
  slug: my-service-slug