Fleet management

Fleet management

Fleet management enables you to maintain uniform Fluent Bit configurations across various types of machines, reducing the complexity and effort required to manage your organization's SIEM data collection.

A Fleet refers to a collection of standalone machines (including bare metal servers, laptops, and single instance virtual machines) which have similar SIEM data collection and processing rules and can be managed with a single configuration.

This solution is particularly valuable for organizations that maintain a fleet of machines with distinct hardware profiles, such as servers, laptops, and virtual machines.


The primary benefit of Fleet Management for your machines' Fluent Bit configuration includes:

  • Fluent Bit Configuration Standardisation: With fleet management, you can ensure that all machines in your fleet use the same Fluent Bit configuration for collecting and managing SIEM data. This standardization can be useful for consistency in your organization's SIEM data collection practices, which helps simplify troubleshooting and reporting events.
  • Centralized Configuration Management: Fleet management helps provide a control plane that allows you to define, apply, and update Fluent Bit configurations across your entire fleet of machines. This centralized approach reduces configuration drift, enhances security, reduces engineering effort, and minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual configuration updates.