Core Operator

Core Operator

The Core Operator is a Kubernetes-native management solution for streamlining and automating Calyptia Core and Pipelines deployment and management. Core Operator seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure for processing logs, metrics, events, and traces in Kubernetes by allowing you to manage your Core Instances and Pipelines as Kubernetes-Native Resources.

By leveraging the Core Operator, you can harness the full potential of Calyptia Core while adhering to best practices for deploying and managing Kubernetes-Native resources.

Core Components

There are two main components to help you successfully manage your core pipelines as Kubernetes native resources. They include;

Core Operator

Core Operator extends Kubernetes API with Pipeline Custom Resource Definition and manages its lifecycle.

Pipelines are abstractions which contain all the necessary information to run a Fluent Bit instance for processing your telemetry data.

Core Instance

Core instance is a set of daemons running in your cluster which have several functions:

  • Registers itself with Cloud API
  • Fetches Pipelines created in the UI and syncs them with the cluster. Effectively creating or deleting Pipeline resources in the cluster.
  • Updates Pipelines status in the Cloud API