Get started
Install using Calyptia CLI

Install using Calyptia CLI

You can use Calyptia CLI to get started with the Core Operator quickly.


  • Calyptia CLI
  • Running Kubernetes Cluster
  • API Token

Calyptia CLI must be at version v1.3.8 or greater to perform operations for Core Operators and its components.

  1. Your token allows you to interact with your core resources securely. Use the following command to set your token.
calyptia config set_token <YOUR_TOKEN>
  1. Install Core Operator with the following command.
calyptia install operator
  1. Now that Core Operator has been installed, you can automate your Core resources' management. Create a new Core Instance using the following command.
calyptia create core_instance operator --name <CORE_INSTANCE_NAME>
  1. If you want to install your core instance in a particular namespace, include the --kube-namespace flag.
calyptia create core_instance operator --name <CORE_INSTANCE_NAME> --kube-namespace <NAMESPACE>


  1. Use the following command to delete your core instance. Include the namespace where needed.
calyptia delete core_instance operator <CORE_INSTANCE_NAME>
  1. To uninstall the Core Operator, use the following command.
calyptia uninstall operator