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Install using Helm

Installing Core Operator with Helm

You can use the Helm to install and manage your Core Operator and Instances


  • Helm CLI
  • Running Kubernetes Cluster
  • API Token
  1. Add the Calyptia Helm repository using the following command:

    helm repo add calyptia
  2. If you already have the Calyptia Repository, update the repository to get the latest chart:

    helm repo update
  3. Install the Custom Resource Definitions. This step installs the Calyptia Core CRDs:

    • pipeline
    • ingestcheck

    Needed for the operator to operate

    helm install core-crd calyptia/core-crd
  4. Install Core Operator. This step installs the Kubernetes operator that handles Calyptia CRDs installed in the previous step:

    helm install core-operator calyptia/core-operator
  5. Create a Core Instance using the following command:

    helm install core-instance calyptia/core-instance --set coreInstance=<CORE_INSTANCE_NAME> --set cloudToken=<YOUR_TOKEN>


  6. Use the following command to uninstall your Core instance. Include the namespace if needed.

    helm uninstall core-instance
  7. To uninstall the Core Operator, use the following command:

    helm uninstall core-operator
  8. To uninstall the Core CRDs, use the following command:

    helm uninstall core-crd